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Playpark Lodge in South Lake Tahoe, CA
Playpark Lodge in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Fun Fall Activities For All In Lake Tahoe California

Beautiful Lake Tahoe - Playpark Lodge

Crisp fresh air, beautiful foliage, and fewer crowds make October a perfect time to visit South Lake Tahoe! The dip in temperature and tourists allows for the nature of Tahoe to be fully enjoyed in the Fall.

Base Packing List: Foraging In Spring

Lake Tahoe Waterfall - Playpark Lodge

Many of the trails meander through blossoming foliage and colossal forests, teaming with a splendid array of animal life, eventually find their way to these tempests. To stand at the base of these waterfalls and gaze heavenward is a breathtaking experience.

Cozy Forest Packing List: Exploring In Winter

Snow covered Forest - Lake Tahoe - Playpark Lodge

Traveling through the cold snowy banks of Winter around the lake is a wonderland experience in itself. Seeing the glassy lake surface mirroring the December skies and feeling crisp morning air coming off the lake, is timeless.

Basin Exploration Packing List: Hiking in Autumn

Basin Exploration Packing List: Hiking in Autumn

The Birch burst from green to an inferno of orange and red hues sprinkled through the evergreens, and the Kokanee Salmon journey upstream. Time to visit museums, warm trails, and final lake trips.

Check Into These Best Contactless Hotel in Lake Tahoe

Woman locking smartlock with phone on the entrance door

Looking for the Best Contactless Hotels in Lake Tahoe?. Look no further, let’s break it down… Lake Tahoe is a top destination for people seeking outdoor activities and beautiful scenery, and lucky for travelers, staying here just got easier.  When was the last time you traveled and stayed at a hotel? If it was prior […]