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Playpark Lodge in South Lake Tahoe, CA
Playpark Lodge in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Cozy Forest Packing List: Exploring In Winter

Traveling through the cold snowy banks of Winter around the lake is a wonderland experience in itself. Seeing the glassy lake surface mirroring the December skies and feeling crisp morning air coming off the lake, is timeless.

Much of the area (as the locals will tell you) is mapped and trekked. And yet there is an element of wilderness spirit that can never be tamed. As such we encourage all of our Winter travelers to pack accordingly.

Some mornings the sun comes up and the hooded mergansers are out on the water but its still 17°F out. If you are heading out to the lake, up to the summit, or out for a casual stroll you’re going to want to wear LAYERS!!!



The Gear

Sweaters and Pants (fleece or wool)

Any sweater or pants would work for the indoors. but make sure it’ll still keep you warm if you run out to the car or across the street to Ernies.




The best baselayer underwear is the most insulated baselayer. Wearing under armor and long insulative under garments can make all the difference when temperatures are at 0℉.



Hiking boots & Socks

No one does footwear better in our opinion than LL BEAN.



Jacket, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Rain Gear

Outerwear providers are many. The key here is to go for insulation, waterproof, and WARM! If you aren’t sweating profusely indoors in your outdoor outfit its not warm enough.



The Car Chains

Unless you flew by helicopter or took a boat across the still frigid lake, odds are you packed up the family SUV. Many explorers however don’t have AWD. When the highways ice over or a fresh new blanket of slippery powder coats the roads, you’re going to want to have chains on hand.


Salt Water and Rubbing alcohol

Keeping a water bottle of this solution will help you defrost windows in the cold, icy mornings. Especially if it has just snowed the night before. Use any 16oz water bottle simply let out 1/3 of the water, replace it with rubbing alcohol and add a tbsp of sea salt. Shake well and use to clear off the pesky ice from your windshield.